A ‘Peaceful Playground’

To the Editor:

Truman Elementary School has a bright new look on its playgrounds this fall. There are shapes and game courts painted on the K-3 grade playground and also on the 4-6 grade playground. These shapes are part of the Peaceful Playground program that was received as part of a grant.

The hard work of planning was done by a school committee, and the painting was done by many parents and staff members.

Our committee would like to thank these people who worked really hard to plan, prepare, and put color and uniqueness into the outdoor space: Mindy and Tim Cook, Jaiden Cook, Tallin Cook, Cheryl Oberdieck, Courtney and Chris Studer, Julie Brudelie, Cindy Graif, April Nelson, Vicki Berhow, Nikki Smith, Jan Ringeisen, Paula Kester, Kristi Burk, Kayla Johnson, Laurie Wille, John Timm, Janee Roskop, and Josh Kitzerow. Thank you for volunteering your time and effort this summer for the good of the kids.

We would also like to thank the public school for providing paint and the Random Acts of Kindness group for donating $50 toward painting supplies.

Laurie Wille, committee member

The Peaceful Playground