‘Little Library’ appears

Lynn and Beth Reeve, husband and wife, started Little Free Library in Fairmont.

The concept was first introduced to them while visiting their granddaughters in Rochester. Beth took her oldest granddaughter, Liesl, 2, out for a walk in her stroller. As Beth got familiar with the area, it amazed her how many little libraries existed in the neighborhood.

“We’ve only opened the library Aug. 11,” Beth said, “but we’re excited.”

While Beth put out adult books, she hopes it will inspire reading among the kids in her neighborhood.

Cheryl Ashland, a Little Library enthusiast, first noticed them in the Twin Cities. It excited her when she came across one in Fairmont. Frequently, she takes her son to check out the books that might be there. Not only has she borrowed books, but she has given some to the Reeves’ library.

Beth Reeve also kindled the passion for reading in her sons, Eric and Matt. Eric has passed it on to Liesl, whom he read even before she was born. She likes to read every night before bed, and has other times she likes them to read to her.

Beth is getting Liesl into the Richard Scarry books, but cannot wait to show her Dr. Seuss and then the Laura Ingalls Wilder series when she gets a little older.

Beth’s dream is that people will use the library often enough so there’s always something new and exciting for people to read every time.

The Reeves’ Little Library is located at 918 Summit Dr.