Fishers lauded for compassion

FAIRMONT – Steve and Jean Fisher of Swea City are no strangers to the Martin County Humane Society.

Two years ago, their generosity enabled the local animal shelter to begin implanting dogs with microchips.

They also donated several thousand dollars to the shelter for its expansion, and for ongoing expenses such as veterinary bills and food.

Now, their generosity has been spotlighted in the spring/summer edition of the Oldcastle corporation magazine.

Oldcastle is one of the largest construction companies in North America, and Steve works for one of its subsidiaries, Oldcastle Midwest Group, or OMG for short. OMG leads the Midwest construction industry with several holdings, including a local business, Southern Minnesota Construction.

The OMG issue spotlighting the Fishers is set to be released within the next couple of weeks, but the couple received an advance copy of the article. They were lauded for their donations to the Humane Society and for their support of the Domestic/Sexual Abuse Assault Outreach Center in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

“I grew up in a foster home. That makes you want to give back,” Jean said.

When she reached the age of 18, she was “evicted” from foster care and set out on her own. She studied cosmetology, eventually becoming an instructor in the profession and involved at the corporate level.

When the stress of the corporate world became overbearing, she made a radical switch in careers by becoming a truck driver.

Twenty-five years ago, after she pulled into her home terminal in Indiana, she noticed a man who needed a ride to the bus depot. When she offered to give him a ride, a second man insisted on going along.

“You don’t know that guy,” the second man said.

“I don’t know you either,” Jean replied.

The second man was Steve Fisher, and the couple was married two years later.

“We just have the same mindset,” Jean said.

They strongly believe in supporting those in need, whether two-legged or four-legged.

“We just want to do it,” she said.