Town pitches in for Scouts

A sense of community could be no closer knit than in the small town of Dunnell, population 100. Together, they needed to raise money to replace a 40-year-old rotting pinewood derby track by April 2015.

Sheryl Krohn, a native of Dunnell and leader of 10 Boy Scouts in the area, came up with the solution – serve Saturday breakfast, which they did over the past weekend at the first Still Daze.

“The expenses [for providing breakfast were] covered,” said Jay Striemer, leader of the Cub Scouts. “People in Dunnell and Sherburn have been very helpful.”

Not only did people in the community help the Cub Scouts, but McDonald’s in Fairmont donated milk, coffee and orange juice, while Hy-Vee paid for half the sausages. The Dunnell Lions donated their time to help prepare and serve the breakfast.

Dave Tlan, one of the servers, remarked, “I didn’t realize how big the Scouts were, countywide.”

The new track will arrive in a suitcase with pieces for the Cub Scouts to put together.

In April, the Cub Scouts hold a Blue and Gold Banquet, where they race small wooden cars they have built. Since the cars only weigh 5 ounces, the Scouts have to create their own design to help them win the race.

Families involve themselves in the project. Some of the boys’ dads are woodcarvers, and the boys learn from them how to make the best racer from the materials they are provided – four wheels, four nails and a block of wood.

“The Cub Scouts are very supportive of each other and learn from each other too,” said Sarah Striemer, mother of two Scouts, Isaac and Gabriel. “They take the ideas that worked and run with them.”

The Gold and Blue Banquet will include five packs of Cub Scouts, from Jackson, Winnebago, Truman, St. James and Fairmont.

In just four years, the Dunnell area Cub Scouts have grown from only 5 to 20 members. Anyone interested in joining may contact Jay Striemer at (507) 236-0679 or