Much going on here; can festival succeed?

Fairmont is struggling to maintain its summer festival, Interlaken Heritage Days. This is not a new problem, but one that has existed for a while, with the event trying to piece together the right combination of attractions to draw a crowd. It has been somewhat successful in this endeavor, but not completely. And some dark clouds have hung over the festival, namely a lack of volunteers and reliable funding.

In the meantime, other local events have continued to be held on the traditional IHD weekend in early June. These include the local triathlon, a popular car show, street dances and other tie-ins. This summer, IHD did not have a gathering in Sylvania Park as it has in the past, nor a water show, nor a parade. But Fairmont was still busy for a couple of days. Could these other events be enough to constitute our “festival”?

We can understand the frustrations of those who would like Fairmont to have its own summer celebration. All the smaller towns in the area pull off it off, because they have people committed to making those festivals happen. Fairmont doesn’t. Or doesn’t seem to.

Those interested in keeping IHD around have one last chance to do so. A meeting to formulate new ideas and bring in new volunteers will be held 5:30 p.m. Sept. 10 at the Martin County Library. Those involved in the event say that without new leaders, the festival will not go on.

We would note that Fairmont has many, many volunteer opportunities available to people who also are busy with work and raising families. It seems like new programs seeking new volunteers emerge all the time. Some of these are quite serious efforts to shape the community for the better. It’s possible there are just too many demands on the local volunteer for a local festival to succeed. But, again, that is up to the people who live here.