Impressive results

To the Editor:

What does a citizen of Fairmont do when they need a street light and a partially dead tree with electrical lines running through it issue resolved? I wasn’t sure, so I googled City of Fairmont and proceeded to the website, where I was greeted by a fresh, easy to navigate homepage.

I hovered over “I Want To” and chose “Submit A” then clicked on “Citizen Request.” From there, I opened an account and submitted my two requests. This was on Tuesday afternoon, Aug. 12.

The next morning (couldn’t believe it), I look outside and there’s a city of Fairmont truck that just pulled up to the house. It was Martin Meixell, the electric distribution superintendent, stopping to check on my two requests. I’m sure he is an extremely busy person and to have him personally come over to inspect the street light and tree issues was amazing to me. Also that he was friendly, helpful, understanding and made me feel like I was the most important person on his schedule that day.

He assured me it would be taken care of, maybe even that week, I was thinking yeah right, but then on Thursday, the 14th, the city trucks and workers showed up to install my street light. That’s a two-day turnaround. Wow.

That very same day, Nick from the city emailed to see if I needed anything else, and then Martin emailed to follow up on the tree issue and to see if the light was working well.

I’m so impressed by the professionalism and care that I received I just had to tell everyone. Bravo city of Fairmont, Martin Meixell and city workers. Thank you.

Diana Olson