Truman amends probation policy

TRUMAN – As the uncertain weather offered sunshine and humidity one moment, then erupted in rain torrents, the Truman School Board meeting Monday bounced around a couple of topics.

Steve Schalager, head of the athletic department, proposed amending the probation policy for chemical abuse, and the school board agreed. Now, after a student violates the policy the first time, he or she will not be allowed to participate in any extracurricular or school events for three weeks. The previous policy was two weeks probation, but this conflicted with policies at other schools, including some where Truman students are involved in sports.

In personnel matters, the interview committee recommended the school board hire Mark Nass as K-12 principal. The school board OK’d the hire. Nass comes to Truman from Windom. The school also plans to hire Rebecca Fiebelkorn as the new art teacher, contingent on her receiving her teaching license. The board also hired Teleah Fitzloff, Lisa Kitzerow and Rachel Fellows as the paraprofessionals.

In other business, the school board unanimously adopted a resolution for an operating referendum election to be held Nov. 4. The Minnesota Legislature has made changes to the operating refrendum funding formula that will allow Truman, if voters approve, to increase the maximum amount of operating referdum per pupil unit. Superintendent Tom Ames told the board the increase is an estimated $53,000.

With the rain coming down Monday, the school board expressed concerns about roof leaks, especially a strip above the cafeteria.

The board is looking at finances and what the school will be able to do for the time being, including patching the roof in areas deemed most necessary for now. Next year, officials will weigh more permanent solutions.

Inside the building, remodeling of floors is nearing completion, according to officials.