Unbelievable assistance

To the Editor:

My name is Brian Michelson. I am the soccer coach at Tracy Area High School.

On Saturday, we competed in the Cardinal Soccer Scrimmage. During the last scrimmage we had a young man suffer heat stroke. 911 was called and both the police department and ambulance responded.

Both departments were professional and did a great job. But one officer went above and beyond the call of duty.

As my player was being well taken care of by the ambulance staff, I informed my team that we would not be able to stop and eat as we had originally planned because we would need to get the young man home who had the heat stroke. The police officer overheard this and asked the rest of my team, “Do you guys like McDonald’s?” Of course they all said yes. The officer then said, “If I do not have an emergency to respond to in the next 30 minutes, I will go to McDonald’s and get you something to eat.”

Well, my young man quickly recovered and was released from the ambulance after about 20 minutes. We then thought we should wait for the officer so we found a shady spot and parked the bus and waited 20 more minutes. I then told my players it was time to go as the officer may have had an emergency he had to respond to. We then loaded the bus and headed toward the interstate.

As we approached the interstate, some players noticed a police car was following us. We found the nearest spot to pull over and it was the officer who said he would get the kids something to eat. He had bought them 20 double cheeseburgers and 10 large fries. When I tried to give him some money, he said he wouldn’t take it.

I wanted Fairmont to know what a great police department and ambulance crew you have.

Brian Michelson