Et Cetera …

Martin Co. Fair is great

Organizers of the Martin County Fair deserve praise, once again, for offering the public a great week’s worth of events, from 4-H contests, to carnival rides, to shows featuring country music stars.

It’s clear by the big crowds that come out to the fair that this gathering is fun and popular. It is also something that will provide memories for children and families for years to come.

If you have not had the chance to take in the fair this year, consider a visit today or Sunday. It’s worth the trip.

Getting food to kids

Kudos to WFS for sponsoring the Drive for Feed Program, which aims to make sure children in our area have enough to eat. The effort especially targets kids who aren’t getting enough nutrition at home during the summer or on weekends while school is in session.

To raise funds for this program, there will be a meal (for a donation) and a silent auction from 4-7 p.m. Aug. 26 in the Five Lakes Centre parking lot in Fairmont. Look for two big semis, then stop and check out what’s happening and enjoy a meal. Some good people are involved in this good cause.

Campaign shaping up

We congratulate Jim Hagedorn, who has local ties, for his win this week in the Republican First Congressional District primary election. Hagedorn is a tireless campaigner who upset Aaron Miller, who had the party’s endorsement.

We hope the primary helps bring attention to the coming contest between Hagedorn and incumbent Congressman Tim Walz, a Democrat. We believe Walz has serious questions to answer about his role in supporting President Obama. And we think Hagedorn must describe how he would do things differently and effectively.

Voters: Don’t complain

If the general public ever wonders why we get the politicians and elected officials that we do, it need look no further than the primary election held in Minnesota this week. Turnout was 9.8 percent.

Yes, that means fewer than 10 percent – 1 in 10 – voters showed up at the polls to help decide who are leaders will be.

People may counter that Minnesota has high general election turnout. That may be true, but by then the choices are limited. Perhaps people just don’t believe it matters who wins the primary. OK. But for those who complain and don’t bother to let their voice be heard, we have one word: Stop.