Speeding – Jennifer L. Taylor, 43, of North Mankato; fined $120.

Brandie L. Loeschen, 35, of Fairmont; fined $130.

John D. Thole, 21, of Minneapolis; Sarah J. Baxter, 23, of Sioux City, Iowa; Katie R. Dulitz, 35, of Jordan; Ta M. Hser, 32, of Milwaukee, Wis.; Jill S. Klein, 44, of Elkhorn, Neb.; each fined $140.

Operate vehicle with illegal headlight or taillight covers – Thelma B. Lopez, 57, of Blue Earth; fined $120

Traffic violation-muffler required – Taylor S. Grathwohl, 19, of Fairmont; fined $130.

Passing on right when prohibited – Derek J. Zupfer, 17, of Lewisville; fined $130.

Driving after revocation – Theron D. Ibarra, 32, of Fairmont; fined $280.

Driving after suspension – Kyle J. Binner, 20, of Ceylon; fined $280.


Travis L. Starkey, 22, of South Jordan, Utah was convicted of possession of drug paraphernalia; fined $130. Also convicted of possession of small amount of marijuana in motor vehicle; fined $50.

Tobias G. Rave, 29, of Fairmont was convicted of second-degree driving under the influence of alcohol; sentenced to jail 365 days, stayed 240 days for two years, two years supervised probation, sentence to service 40 days for indeterminate, sign probation agreement, no alcohol/controlled substance use, random testing, no new arrests, complete chemical assessment, cognitive skill training, attend MADD impact panel. Additional charges of driving while impaired-alcohol concentration 0.08 within two hours, driving after cancellation-inimical to public safety, and possession of open bottle were all dismissed.