Council needs some direction to proceed

Fairmont City Council this week heard an alarming report about safety issues at the city’s soccer complex on South Prairie Avenue. There is dangerous traffic congestion, an unlit parking lot and some poor ground that can cause sprained ankles or other leg injuries.

These matters were brought to the council by the president of the local soccer association, which has 400 participants at the complex every weekday evening. Other events also are held at the site. And South Prairie currently serves as a detour route for Albion Avenue traffic, adding to the concerns.

We agree with the soccer group that these are serious issues, and we believe the City Council wants to address them in a responsible way.

We do note we were a little shocked to hear that the city’s safety council has been discussing these soccer complex safety issues at its meetings. Councilman Chad Askeland, who serves on the safety committee, informed his colleagues about these talks. To which his colleagues appropriately turned around and told him to bring back specific recommendations from the safety council on how to address the problems. No kidding. What’s the holdup?