Hagedorn is best choice

To the Editor:

Tuesday is Primary Election Day.

Jim Hagedorn is by far the best candidate to represent us in Washington, D.C. Jim has the knowledge and experience, and will work hard to take the power from DC and return it to the people.

This past Wednesday at FarmFest, Jim Hagedorn distinguished himself as the person to take on our present liberal congressman. The Rochester Post covered the candidate forum and said this: Candidate Aaron Miller avoided directly going after Walz during the forum. Hagedorn told the crowd that government overreach is hurting farmers and small businesses and action needs to be taken. He went after Walz for supporting Obamacare and a cap-and-trade proposal aimed at curbing carbon emissions. “The Obama administration has put a bullseye on small business, a bullseye on farms, a bullseye on consumers and driven up their costs. I want to go to Washington, D.C., to put my foot down,” Hagedorn said.

Growing up in this area, Jim Hagedorn has the knowledge, energy and values to improve our lives in rural Minnesota. Vote Hagedorn on Tuesday.

Neal Breitbarth