Pick Hagedorn, Seifert

To The Editor:

In the upcoming primary election we, the people, have an opportunity and an obligation to elect people who will put our great country back on track again.

I see opportunities to put forth knowledgeable, hard-working people who show a strong desire to do just that.

The standout candidate for First District Congress is Jim Hagedorn, who has shown that he can and will do what it takes to again put our nation on the right track. Before returning in 2009 to his Blue Earth roots, Jim served in various government positions in Washington, including director for legislative and public affairs for the Financial Management Service, U.S. Department of the Treasury.

We also have a hard-working candidate for governor, Marty Seifert, who has a vast amount of experience, both in private and public service to the people of Minnesota. Marty was an effective leader in the Minnesota Legislature and balanced his committee budgets without raising taxes. He is the best candidate to again make Minnesota attractive for business to locate here.

I encourage every eligible voter to get out and vote on Aug. 12 for these candidates – Jim Hagedorn for Congress and Marty Seifert for governor.

Roger Miedtke