Help support Hagedorn

To the Editor:

Tuesday, Aug. 12, marks a day of decision in the direction our country and the First District in Minnesota will be going.

Under our current administration and Congressman Tim Walz, we have been burdened by rules, regulations and laws that have crippled our country and our economy.

A prime example is the Affordable Healthcare Act, better known as Obamacare, that Walz voted for and has supported. It is a 2,700-page law with 70,000 pages of interpretations and counting. It is a law that no one read, and no one knows what is in it today, as it keeps unfolding. The last 500 pages were added at the last moment and it took six people five hours to speed-read it to Congress.

The Democratic-controlled House passed this monstrosity and we are now owned by our government. With the IRS enforcing the law, it can beat us with our own tax dollars.

This is one of several blunders, including farm regulations, EPA rules handicapping energy, etc. These all affect our personal daily lives.

Is this the way we want to live?

We need a change in Washington and Jim Hagedorn is the candidate to get this change accomplished. He is not a novice needing to find his way around Washington. Jim is knowledgeable, has worked for Congressman Arlen Stangeland, worked with entities related to government in D.C., and has business experience. Jim is aggressive and ambitious, which is a good trait, stands for what has made this country great and will work for us, the American Taxpayer.

He has worked hard to make himself known to all of the First District, visiting every county in the district from Wisconsin to South Dakota.

On Tuesday, Aug. 12, I would sincerely ask that you, the public, cast a vote for Jim Hagedorn, a gentleman who will be an excellent representative for our First District.

Fred Lenz

St. James