Woman faces fraud charges

FAIRMONT – A 26-year-old Fairmont woman faces two counts of felony check forgery after allegedly passing several stolen checks worth more than $1,200 at Fairmont area businesses.

According to information from the Fairmont Police Department:

On Aug. 1, Fleet and Farm in Fairmont reported receiving a check it suspected was forged. The check was on an account that had recently been alerted to Fairmont area businesses as compromised due to checks being stolen. The check written to Fleet and Farm was for $442.

While receiving the report from Fleet and Farm, police were contacted by a woman who said she had been with Janessa Marie Suckow the day before. She said Suckow admitted to using stolen checks while shopping with her the day before at Dunhams sports store and Fleet and Farm.

Surveillance footage obtained from Fleet and Farm showed a woman whom police identified as Suckow giving a check for payment, and the woman who contacted police was also identified in the video.

Dunhams reported receiving two checks from Suckow on the compromised account worth $370 and $410. Surveillance footage from Dunhams also positively identified Suckow as the person using the stolen checks.

In a police interview, the woman who contacted police said she was with Suckow on July 31, and that Suckow was “spending money like crazy.” When the woman asked about it, Suckow said she got her tax return. In addition to Dunhams and Fleet and Farm, the woman said Suckow made purchases at the movie theater, Pizza Ranch and at a gas station, and paid for everything with checks.

The woman also said that on Aug. 1, Suckow called her and said the police were outside her residence, and she admitted she was using stolen checks during her shopping spree.

The woman attempted to call Suckow during the police interview. During the call, the woman encouraged Suckow to “Fix it,” and return the items she purchased, but Suckow said, “It happened. I did it and I’m keeping it all.”

Suckow was located and placed under arrest Monday afternoon.

The two counts of check forgery each carry a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.