Hagedorn best candidate

To the Editor:

Jim Hagedorn is a candidate whom I believe is overwhelmingly qualified not only to replace Tim Walz’s failed liberal policies, but to actually stand up for rural Minnesota in the U.S. Congress and bring power back to the states and the people.

He is very familiar with the area, having been here numerous times over the past many months, including at our county fairs. He has also made 117 visits to the other communities that he will represent as a congressman.

He is rooted in the work ethic of an upbringing on a family farm in nearby Truman.

He is passionate about the issues that are important to us and has clearly defined a dozen or so well-thought-out positions from the economy to health care, agriculture, veterans, energy, immigration, the Middle East and burdensome regulations.

He is experienced in actually cutting the federal bureaucracy and has already proven he can save taxpayers $1 billion.

He is incredibly knowledgeable of solutions we need in Washington, D.C., and is a strong proponent of informing citizens – he has already set up debates with Tim Walz.

I think Jim Hagedorn is the best man to represent southern Minnesota in the U.S. Congress.

Ryan Brinks