New principal feeling at home

BLUE EARTH – Dave Dressler came back home – or close to it – to take the job as assistant principal for grades K-7 at Blue Earth Area Schools.

Dressler grew up in Waseca, attended Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, married his wife, Karen, and taught school for a year in Minnesota. Then the couple moved to Salt Lake City, close to Karen’s parents.

Dressler took a job in suburban Salt Lake and got his master’s degree at Utah State.

“I worked in an elementary school there as a teacher and a teacher specialist for seven years,” he said. “I was doing a lot of the jobs of an assistant principal and helping to manage our school’s Title I budget.”

Now, he’s ready to transition into administration full time.

“The things that appealed to me about being a teacher appealed to me even more as an administrator,” Dressler said. “In the classroom, I got to watch a group of kids grow throughout the year, but as an administrator, I get to do that with, instead of 25 kids, it’s an entire building.”

He’s looking forward to doing it here.

“My folks still live in Waseca; both my wife and I have family in Minnesota,” Dressler said.

This will give their families a chance to get to know the couple’s daughter, Greta, 19 months.

“I wanted to come back to Minnesota,” Dressler said.

And he wanted to get back to a smaller community like Waseca.

“I was really attracted to a small school district like this where I can feel like I can know a lot more of the kids a lot better,” Dressler said. “My last school was K-6, but we had consistently over 700 kids in the building. It was one of 45 elementaries in the district.

“Coming to a place like this, I feel like I can really be a part of the community,” he added.

“I’m excited to be in a small town again,” Dressler said. “Living in a major metropolitan area for seven years was fine and it’s a beautiful city. At heart, I’m a small town kid and I’m happy to be back here.”

He believes a team approach is best.

“I try to keep a pretty open door so when parents have questions, I like to make time,” Dressler said. “The parents and the school have to be partners in helping the kids grown and learn.

“I’m looking forward to learning how things work in smaller school districts and helping Blue Earth meet the challenges that come up for every school district,” he said.