Site indulges in wedding week

SHERBURN – It’s wedding season, and residents and staff of Temperance Lake Ridge assisted-living facility in Sherburn indulged in a little wedding fever this past week.

“About two years ago, I came up with the idea of wedding week,” said Diane Thompson, community life coordinator at Temperance Lake Ridge. “It’s July, so it’s kind of a big wedding month, and toward the end of the month, there isn’t a lot going on. So I just followed through on the idea. Residents participated by putting their wedding photos on display, staff members brought in dresses and we display them throughout the building. We also have bridesmaids and prom dresses. We have about a dozen on display; we didn’t want to overwhelm the residents.”

Simply putting the dresses on display was exciting enough for some residents.

“There were discussions on white versus ivory versus suits,” Thompson said. “With the memory care unit residents, it brought forth some very nice memories.”

Activities for the week included a “reception dinner” that also turned into a photography session.

“We took pictures of individuals with their wedding photos,” Thompson said. “Another day, we decorated wedding cupcakes … At the beginning of the week, we didn’t have names with the dresses or the photos on display, so we had a fun game of ‘Guess Who?’ going on.”

A special event for the wedding week was a presentation from Michelle Morris of Blue Box Bridal in Fairmont. Morris brought several wedding and bridesmaids dresses, along with headpieces, shoes and accessories, as she talked to the residents about trends in weddings today.

“We’re seeing a variety, although lace is a common theme,” Morris told the group. “There are not a lot of layers, and we’re seeing a lot of outdoor weddings, even in the fall.”

Morris mentioned the average price for a wedding dress falls in a range of $800 to $1,000, which brought a gasp from some of the residents.

“I was married in World War II, so we didn’t wear long fancy dresses like that,” said Temperance Lake Ridge resident Doris Zehms. “We just had a nice wedding, and my dress was made of sharkskin, cotton and wool. That was all that was available during the war.”

But all the women were in awe of the beautiful dresses from the tulle and beads to the delicate lace overlay on a simple A-line slip-dress.

“There seems to be less coverage on wedding dresses these days,” Zehms observed.

As Morris showed accessories, several of the ladies pointed out which ones they would wear today. However, none of them were sold on the high heels.

For most of the ladies at Temperance Lake Ridge, the week was a fun time to either remember past weddings, or take a sneak peek into weddings of today.

“I wanted to get the residents, staff and the community involved,” Thompson said. “And it was a lot of fun.”