Former plant becoming park

FAIRMONT – After several weeks of idleness, activity has resumed at the former water filtration plant site on Albion Avenue.

According to Troy Nemmers, Fairmont city engineer and director of public works, construction crews ran into some issues during preparation for the final phase.

The problem centered around the area of the old intake pipe. Due to poor soil conditions, water kept filling the hole crews were trying to drain to complete a wall along the shoreline.

“We had to modify; we basically had to shift everything about 20 feet north,” said Nemmers, referring to a wall segment.

“We’ll still get three different shoreline treatments that we want, but we shortened up the concrete wall a little bit.”

One section of shoreline will have the concrete wall, while another section will have riprap. The third will feature a geoweb retaining wall.

“Geoweb is a manufactured product that we fill with soil and put in plantings. It will have a more natural look,” Nemmers said.

When completed, the area will have a driveway off Albion Avenue and parking area with a bituminous surface. There will be no designated painted parking spaces, but the parking area should accommodate about 10 to 15 vehicles.

On the north edge of the property, the city will maintain a storage site for the four “solar bees” that are currently bobbing in Budd Lake. The solar bees spin to keep water moving and prevent algae growth. Their visibility from shore previously had been blocked by the old water plant.

Nemmers estimated the park project would be completed sometime in September.