Market Square seeking musicians

FAIRMONT – Fairmont Market Square is seeking musicians to entertain the crowds at its Aug. 10 and Oct. 19 events at Heritage Acres in Fairmont.

Acoustic instrumentalists, vocal performers and groups are welcome to inquire about stage time. The market is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Aug. 10 and Oct. 19, and musicians are needed to fill 30- and 60-minute slots.

Fore more information, contact Kylie Saari at (507) 238-5449, email her at, or stop in at Rural Advantage, 1243 Lake Ave., in Fairmont.

Public admission to this event is free, and coincides with events put on by Heritage Acres.

Three charged with drug possession

FAIRMONT – A Fairmont woman and two people from Winnebago face fifth-degree controlled substance charges following the alleged discovery of methamphetamine in a Fairmont home during a probation visit.

According to information from the Fairmont Police Department:

On July 19, a Fairmont police officer accompanied a state Department of Corrections agent to a probation visit to the residence of Sarah Marie Ogden, 41.

As the agent and officer approached the patio area, they could smell burnt marijuana. Contact was made with Ogden, and they realized there were two other individuals in the house. A male was in the bathroom and he was eventually identified as Jonathan Michael Nelson, 31, of Winnebago. The other female in the residence was identified as Lace Nicole Albrecht, 21, of Winnebago.

The officer ordered Nelson out of the restroom. When he emerged, he had two baggies sticking out of his pocket. In the bathroom, there was a corner cut of a baggie that had a white crystal substance that the officer was able to identify as meth. Other items seen in the house included a digital scale and a drug pipe.

A search turned up a black pouch that held a baggie of meth that weighed 0.55 grams, a second baggie that held 0.36 grams of meth, and some baggies with meth residue. Hidden in the bathroom was a pipe with a baggie of meth that weighed 0.39 grams, and a plastic tube that contained 0.41 grams of meth.

All three were placed under arrest.

Ogden told police the three had smoked meth together, and that Albrecht had brought over some meth.

Albrecht said she had been holding the meth for Nelson, and admitted to smoking meth with Nelson and Ogden.

Nelson told police the three had smoked marijuana but denied he had or used meth.

Along with Ogden, both Albrecht and Nelson are on probation for previous convictions of felony controlled substance offenses.

All three face a fifth-degree controlled substance crime – subsequent conviction, which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a $20,000 fine.