City may take over Ag Center

BLUE EARTH – Blue Earth City Council toured the Ag Center on Thursday after receiving an offer to obtain the building as a donation.

Bevcomm has owned the site since 1993. It donated part of the middle section for the Little Giants Day Care to the city. The communications business is now offering the rest of the building, which is “really four separate properties,” said Chris Handevidt, property manager for Bevcomm.

He said the property is worth roughly $1 million.

Councilman Glenn Gaylord is concerned about any repairs that might need to be done in the near future, asking specifically about the roof. Handevidt said repairs to the roof have been done as needed when they arose.

The council’s tour began in the basement with the storage areas and continued through the offices of the 16 tenants. The include:?Farrow Enterprises Custom Cabinetry, USDA Farm Service Agency and Natural Resources Conservation Service, Rollenhagen & Associates LLC, Soil & Water Conservation District and Planning & Zoning, O/NE Realty, Midwest IT, Deibel Laboratory, Interfaith Caregivers, Wells Chiropractic Clinic, Serenity Massage, the public meeting room, Minn-Iowa Insurance, Blue Earth Valley Eye Clinic, Center for Specialty Care, and the former Fairmont Hearing Aid Service, and Little Giants.

Mayor Rick Scholtes called for a special council meeting 4:30 p.m. Monday so members can decide if they are interested in proceeding with the transfer of property.

If the city accepts the donation, Scholtes said, the property will become part of the city’s Economic Development Authority. Expenses would come out of the EDA and the change shouldn’t affect taxpayers.

“It’ll stay the same, same thing with the leases,” Scholtes said.