Democrats tell false tale

To the Editor:

You can tell Democrats in Minnesota are beginning to panic.

Recently, state Sen. Kathy Sheran, DFL-Mankato, told you about the record amount of spending unleashed by Gov. Mark Dayton and her Democratic cohorts over the past two years. Unbelievably, she suggested the majority of it was “largely invested in direct tax relief.”

Democrats raised taxes by more than $2 billion on all Minnesotans two years ago. Then they eliminated a couple of them last year, and patted themselves on the back for providing tax relief.

This is leadership?

Farmers were forced to spend millions of dollars on a machinery repair tax that never should have been passed in the first place, and Democrats didn’t even have the decency to pay them back after they admitted their mistake.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, we’ve now discovered that property taxes are rising significantly statewide thanks to DFL actions.

According to a non-partisan analysis by Minnesota House Research, statistics show statewide property taxes are projected to increase by $238 million.

Overall property tax increases are projected to rise by 3.3 percent in Greater Minnesota. Averaged statewide, residential homesteads can expect a 3.8 percent increase and agricultural property is expected to jump 4.7 percent.

To review, Governor Dayton and legislative Democrats spent $9 billion more than they did two years ago in all funds spending, they raised more than $2 billion in taxes and fees on all hardworking Minnesotans, and despite their claims and promises to provide you property tax relief with all this newfound money, they couldn’t do it!

But what the Democrats did spend money on was a $440 million bailout of Obamacare and more than $100 million on a MNsure website. And let’s not forget the billions we spent – and will continue to spend in the future – on a light rail line between Minneapolis and St. Paul.

This is spin mode, folks. Democrats like Sheran want you to believe that spending money is better than saving it. They want you to think government can spend your money better than you can. Remember, a state budget surplus is created because you paid government too much money, and a deficit is created because government spent too much of it.

It’s pretty difficult for Democrats to praise themselves as champions of the taxpayer when their only success story is eliminating a few of their own tax increase mistakes.

State Rep. Tony Cornish

R-Vernon Center