Purvis, city sign agreement

BLUE EARTH – Todd Purvis and Blue Earth have reached an agreement over allegations made while Purvis was serving as a police officer for the city.

The agreement was signed by Purvis, Blue Earth Mayor Richard Scholtes and a representative for Law Enforcement Labor Services, the police officers union.

The agreement does not state what allegations caused the city to put Purvis on paid administrative leave in January.

It states that Purvis previously worked as a police officer for Blue Earth and the union filed a grievance on his behalf, in which Purvis made civil claims against the city. The city denied any liability or wrongdoing relating to the claims.

The two sides were able to “mutually resolve and settle all disputes among them, known and unknown, in accordance with the terms and contions hereinafter set forth,” the agreement states.

Some of the terms are:

The city agrees to accept Purvis’ resignation with an effective date of March 25, and “the parties acknowledge that data related to the subject LELS grievance remain private under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act (MGDPA), Minn. Stat.13.43, subd. 2(a)(6) and subd. 10. In the future, Purvis shall not apply for employment with the City.”

Neither party admits to any wrongdoing.

The League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust agrees to pay Purvis and his attorneys a total of $75,000.

In exchange for those payments, Purvis releases Blue Earth and the League of Minnesota Cities “from any and all demands, debts, obligations or claims that were or could have been raised by Purvis and that arise from or relate in any way to Purvis’ employment with the City.”

The union agrees to dismiss the pending grievance and not to pursue any additional grievances arising from Purvis’ employment with the City.