Sometimes, society seems to be in slow rot

The city of Blue Earth recently released some information related to the discipline of a police officer. He allegedly turned a blind eye to some episodes of law-breaking, because they involved friends. He also reportedly failed to report an accident involving a squad car, and allegedly spent work time not doing his duty. He was suspended for three days.

Now, we’re sure these allegations will become part of his record, so future problems may result in his firing. But there still seems to be something of a process problem if all of this can go on and nothing is really and truly done about it. This is a police officer after all. What are kids and citizens supposed to think if those who enforce the law can be so lax?

We see some symptoms of a corrupt society here. Holding workers, bosses, parents, teachers, elected officials and citizens accountable seems to have been replaced by a touch-feely, soft, bureaucratic process that lets people get away with things time and time again. It has helped push us toward a soft society – not a good thing when too many people are already too focused on social media and video games, rather than on how they plan to become or be productive in their lives, so that they are not burdens to others.

What seems to be happening is kind of a slow rot in which hard work, careful study, self-improvement and accepting responsibility have fallen by the wayside. We see a lot of laziness and self-indulgence that runs counter to the good American work ethic, especially the one the Midwest is known for. Perhaps the solution lies in fewer second chances, so people learn hard consequences.