Man faces check forgery charge

FAIRMONT – A Trimont man faces two counts of gross misdemeanor check forgery after allegedly forging and attempting to cash a check on his grandmother’s checking account without permission.

According to information from the Trimont Police Department:

On Feb. 14, police received a report that Garret Dustin Adams, 20, was attempting to cash a check at a Trimont bank that was on his grandmother’s account there. However, tellers noticed the handwriting on the check was not that of his grandmother. Bank officials contacted the grandmother, who confirmed she did not write the check and did not give permission to Adams to write a check. Adams was confronted with this information, and he became upset and left.

A further investigation showed that a check on the grandmother’s account that was passed in December also had different handwriting, and it matched the check that Adams had attempted to pass. The grandmother again confirmed that she had not written the December check.

Adams was interviewed in regards to the forged checks on April 26. He admitted to the attempted forged check in February, but denied forging the previous check found from December.

Adams faces two counts of check forgery; each charge carries a maximum penalty of a year in jail and a $3,000 fine.