Man allegedly robbed store

FAIRMONT – An 18-year-old Truman man is charged with simple robbery and theft after allegedly robbing his previous place of employment.

According to information from the Truman Police Department:

At 12:35 a.m. July 5, police received a report from the Casey’s store in Truman. Three employees at the scene reported that a former employee – Dylan Michael Gruhn – had held up the store. The employees said they knew it was Gruhn, wearing a hoodie, dark sunglasses and a scarf to cover his face, but his scarf kept falling down. One of the employees also addressed Gruhn by name, and Gruhn responded.

The employees reported that Gruhn had asked two of them to meet him outside, and when they did, Gruhn was not there. The third employee left at the till said that Gruhn then gave him a bag and told him to empty the money in the till into the bag. The employee did so due to company policy to comply. The employee said Gruhn did not show a weapon, nor make any threats of violence. Gruhn then left the store with the money.

Through security surveillance recordings, police were able to identify the robber as Gruhn due to past contacts with him. Police went to Gruhn’s residence and placed him under arrest. Gruhn had $71 in cash in his possession. When questioned, Gruhn indicated he was home all evening with his girlfriend. When told that the three employees at the store identified him, Gruhn asked which ones identified him, and named two of the employees working at the time. The officer asked how Gruhn knew which employees were working if he had been home all night, and Gruhn requested an attorney.

A search warrant was served on Gruhn’s residence later in the day. Police recovered the hoodie, bag and scarf that were seen on Gruhn in the surveillance video, and the robbed employee was able to positively identify the items as those used and worn by Gruhn.

The simple robbery charge carries a maximum penalty of ten years in prison and a $20,000 fine. Gruhn also faces a misdemeanor theft charge; maximum penalty of 90 days in prison and a $1,000 fine.