Truman police receive $4,000 gift

TRUMAN – The Truman Police Department now has a Stalker Lidar XLR, a hand-held speed-detecting device, a gift from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

Scott McConkey, law enforcement liaison for the department, presented the device to Police Chief Justin Jobe at the Truman City Council meeting Monday.

Two police departments in the state are selected each quarter to receive one of these devices, valued at $4,000, as part of a new program the department began this year.

“We look at effort and contribution, regardless of [department] size,” McConkey said.

He praised Truman’s efforts in the Toward Zero Deaths program, formerly called Safe and Sober.

Jobe called the device “very pinpoint specific” in its accuracy, because it operates like a laser beam, not on sound waves like radar guns.

“We can literally pick out one car out of several. It’s very fast, and it’s very reliable,” Jobe said.

He is grateful to add the new technology to his department.

“With our limited budget, we could never have afforded something like this,” he said.

Because of the technology involved, special training is required to use the device. Jobe is in the process of setting up that instruction, hopefully in time for a “speed wave” program targeting speeders, set for later this month.

In other action, City Council members discussed regulations governing trailers and campers parked on city streets.

City Attorney Jim Wilson said he would draft an ordinance, similar to the one used in Lake Crystal, for consideration at the council’s July 21 meeting.

In other business, the council earned that the new website is operational at