Supreme Court ruling offers common sense

Being in business does not need to mean compromising one’s morals, Supreme Court justices ruled Monday. That should be obvious, but it was not so to President Barack Obama’s administration.

Among employers challenging the Obamacare mandate they provide specific health insurance coverage for employees was Hobby Lobby, a chain of arts and crafts stores based in Oklahoma. Hobby Lobby’s owners said doing so would go against their religious beliefs concerning contraceptives.

Others, including at least one order of nuns, made the same complaint.

Obama administration officials told Hobby Lobby, in essence, that it would have to provide the benefits in question, period.

High court justices recognized that in some situations, employers’ religious beliefs have to take a back seat to the public good.

But in the Hobby Lobby case, female employees could obtain the mandated coverage without requiring the company to provide it, the court ruled. In other words, government does not have to use the heavy hand Obama desired.

Simple common sense, right? Not for Obama.