Grotte 6th, Fairmont 7th at state

FAIRMONT – Eighth grader Bryan Grotte missed just three targets, shooting down 97 of 100 clay pigeons during the Class AAAA state high school trapshooting tournament on June 9th in Alexandria.

Grotte topped Fairmont and earned a sixth-place individual finish, helping Fairmont to a score of 470 for seventh place as a team.

Matt Abel shot 94 of 100 targets to finish second on Fairmont’s team, while Caleb Johnson, Thad Abel and Dustin Meyer each broke 93 of 100 targets to round out Fairmont’s team score.

David Milne and Ben Timmerman each shot down 92 targets, while Ryan Busche shot 91.

Nick Segar and Nick Lein rounded out the varsity competition in th meet, breaking 89 and 87 targets, respectively.

Nick Moeller topped the junior varsity finishers, shooting 89 of 100 targets, helping the Fairmont JV to a tie for 11th place in the meet.

Andrew Moeller broke 87 targets, Noeh Wedel fired 84 and Nick Roggow and Camren Saxton shot down 81 and 80 targets, respectively.

Matt Kotewa broke 79, while Dylan Kallemeyn and Joe Shavey shot down 78 each. Colton Cunning and Austin Phillip rounded out Fairmont’s junior varsity efforts with scores of 77 and 75, respectively.

In the Novice meet, Jacob Bocock topped Fairmont shooters, downing 63 of 75 targets. Sawyer Brau broke 60 in the meet, while Brooke Rosenberg and Bailey Dulas shot 59 and 56 targets, respectively.

Jackie Bahmann and Will Schellpeper each broke 55 of their 75 targets in the competition, while Mike Maakestad, Mason Kotewa and Josah Oothoudt broke 53, 42 and 40 targets in the meet.

Awards were give out at the team banquet, with seniors and any shooter with an average of 38 out of 50 clay pigeons broken in meets on the season earning a letter.

The Most Improved Shooter on the season was eighth grader Jack Rosenberg, who averaged 41.28 out of 50 on the season.

Seniors that were honored from the team were: Tad Abel, Milne, Joshua Wills, Nick Roggow, Dillon Bulfer, Ethan Mathews, Jackie Buhmann and Harley Luhmann.

Ryan Busche topped the junior letterwinners with a 43.42 average throughout the season.

Other juniors that lettered were: Ben Timmerman (42.42), Nick Lein (41.42) and Micah DeBoer (38).

Dustin Meyer (43.42), Caleb Johnson (42.42), Ethan Lubenow (40.14) and Mitchel Wittmus (40) were the sophomores that earned varsity letters.

Shawn Busche was the lone freshman to earn a letter, shooting for a 39.57 average on the season.

Grotte topped the team with a 45.14 average to earn a letter as an eighth grader. Nick Segar (43.28), Rosenberg (41.28) and Camern Saxton (38.28) also earned letters as eighth graders.

The final letter winners were seventh graders Levi Buhmann (40.28) and Andrew Moeller (39).