Et Cetera …

Take in a local festival

Area communities are putting on a show. Shows, actually. It’s the summer season and that means city and county celebrations are taking place. Some, such as Fairmont’s Fun in the Sun and Sherburn’s Holiday Festival, have come and gone. But others remain, including in Welcome and Truman, as well as the annual Fourth of?July celebration in Armstrong.

And then, of course, there are the county fairs in the area, including the big one in Martin County, in Fairmont, in August.

We encourage everybody to get up, get out and explore some of these events.

A great regional asset

One of the great assets in the Fairmont area is the Cedar Point Boy Scout camp south of town. Great volunteers have committed time, money and effort to making the camp a superb place for children to come from around the region.

There, they can learn a variety of skills, interact with their peers and simply spend time enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature. This is exactly what happened late last week at the annual Cub Scout day camp.

We hope the region continues to support scouting, and that locals will remember and continue to care for Cedar Point.

Basic fairness applies

Minnesota and Iowa have been facing severe flood damage. This includes property damage sustained right here in our counties, especially in Faribault County, which this week declared a state of emergency and requested a Presidential Declaration of a major disaster.

We’re not big on big government in this space, but we do believe people living in the Upper Midwest have every right to expect flood aid from the feds. This is basic fairness, given the help that pours out of D.C. when other parts of the country face hurricanes, wildfires, droughts, etc.

Bike officers on patrol

Fairmont Police Department has bike patrol officers back on the streets this summer. We think this can be a good thing, especially if officers take the approach that teens and adults should know better, while children deserve some stern but friendly advice. In other words, we hope those who should be strictly following the rules of the road are the ones getting the tickets. Those who may not know better should be educated.

We also are glad to hear that downtown enforcement will be part of the effort. Bikes, skateboards and scooters have no place on sidewalks, and only bikes are allowed on downtown streets.