Storm doesn’t delay StateLine

GUCKEEN – The fierce storm June 16 didn’t impede progress at StateLine Cooperative’s new grain facility east of Guckeen – a third bin is rising and crews are working on the roof of the fourth on the 30-acre site.

“No damage to speak of,” said Steve Gangestad, grain operations manager for StateLine Cooperative of Burt, Iowa.

He and Larry Sterk, CEO, expect the facility to be ready by the deadline.

“We’ll be done before harvest,” Sterk promised. “We think we started early enough, we should have all the start-up issues done before harvest.”

They have big plans for the future.

Completed are two 105-feet diameter grain bins, a receiving leg, concrete for in-bound and out-bound scales, concrete base and floor of a 90-foot bin with the roof in progress, a 54-foot bin, a holding pond for runoff water and 14 acres seeded to alfalfa.

County Road 16 will get turn lanes to help the big trucks manuever into the site in July.

“The office will be equivalent to two stories,” Sterk said.

“Fertilizer sales and an agronomist stationed in this office already, as soon as the office is up,” he said.

Gangestad promised a full-service co-op with softener, salt, cat food, dog food and other products.

“We will have a Minnesota grain license,” Sterk added. “All the services we offer at the other locations will be here, as well.”

Each time StateLine builds a new facility, it incorporates the latest technology and streamlined methods to get customers back in the fields quickly, said Sterk and Gangestad.

“They’ll come in here, stop and probe before they go to the scale,” Sterk said. “When they get on the scale, we’ll know grade and quality of the grain and be prepared to put it in the bin where it needs to go.

“Once they get on the scale, then they’ll be weighed, they’ll unload, and get weighed again and their scale ticket will be presented to them while they’re on the scale, and then they pull up.”

“Unloading time – from probing, to weighing, to dumping, to picking up the scale ticket – should be five minutes,” Gangestad said.

Helping with that will be two scales, one for in-bound and one for out-bound loads.

“We designed this facility to never run full,” Sterk said, “and we can haul grain out without disrupting farmers hauling grain in.”

The scales, cameras, conveyors and other equipment will all be controlled from within the office.

For more information, call Paul Nerem, location manager, at 507-464-3333 or stop by the Blue Earth office at 407 S. Grove St. (Highway 169).