Food wagon brings back a familiar flavor

FAIRMONT – Fairmont’s newest lunch option, Twiggy’s, features a special flavor from the past.

Blaine Hartwig recently opened the white food wagon in the Bowlmor parking lot on South State Street. He has experienced a growing business, due in part to the hot beef sandwiches featured on the menu. Made from a family recipe, the sandwiches were once a popular item at the Feed Bag Drive-In locally.

“My mother bought it (Feed Bag) in 1958,” recalled Joan Hartwig, Blaine’s mother. “Her name was Eleanor Wagner Chase, and she sold it in 1977. It closed shortly after that, but this is the original (hot beef) recipe.”

Blaine Hartwig sells a lot of the hot beef sandwiches, and many of his customers remember the Feed Bag.

He is enjoying his new business, something he has wanted to do for a long time.

“I’ve always wished I would have gone into some kind of restaurant business. I’ve been thinking about it for a number of years,” he said.

The cost and risks involved with opening a restaurant were daunting, but the food wagon provided an option.

The name, Twiggy’s, stems from Hartwig’s high school nickname. His friends called him Twiggy back then, but “not anymore,” chuckled the 1982 Fairmont graduate.

“Well, a few of them still do, and it’s an easy name to remember,” he said.

His menu includes the hot beef or shredded pork sandwiches, swiss burgers or swiss dogs, and beef hot dogs. Soda, water and chips are available.

Hartwig offers limited seating next to the food wagon.

Twiggy’s is open 11 a.m. to “at least 2 p.m.” weekdays, and occasionally on Saturdays, unless Hartwig takes his mobile restaurant to an area festival.

Special orders can be placed by calling (507) 236-0494.