Thanks for the support

To the Editor:

What a ride … On behalf of the parents of the Fairmont baseball team, we would like to thank everyone for the support during the section and state tournaments.

It was great to see so many people at Target Field. It truly means a lot to us to see the support you gave to our sons. The game at Target Field was truly a dream come true and even though the outcome wasn’t what they had hoped, it still is something they will remember and will be able to share with their kids some day.

Our thanks to the coaching staff for their work and dedication to the baseball program.

Thank you Travis for getting our boys safely to their destinations, the many trips to Marshall, St. Cloud and Target Field.

Thank you to the many sponsors that donated money for the fan bus to St. Cloud on Thursday.

A special thanks to Lonny Becker for all the extra time he spent with the guys in the batting cage.

Lori Chirpich,

baseball parent