Et Cetera …

They help out others

A bad storm battered the Fairmont area this week, flooding basements, snapping trees and knocking out power. Of course, people and businesses survived and cleaned up, but it was not a lot of fun.

We extend our thanks and appreciation to those who have to worry not only about their own homes and families, but everyone else’s as well: First responders, including police, fire and ambulance; and all those who then work to restore power, help pump out basements, clean up the downed branches and perform other needed services. Their commitment is amazing.

Time for a ‘brain gain’

Fairmont Economic Development Authority has gotten ahold of a neat idea. It is joining a program to entice former residents to move back to the area.

What happens, of course, is that young people move away for college and first jobs. But they later realize that raising a family and enjoying a less hectic life is possible back home. So they consider it. But they have to know there are opportunities.

The “Brain Gain” program is intended to promote the Fairmont area as a place to come home to. And there are jobs here.

We’ll look forward to hearing some success stories now.

Changes make sense

We congratulate those involved in the remodeling at the law enforcement center in Fairmont. The site is home to the Fairmont Police Department, Martin County Sheriff’s Office and Martin County Jail. Dispatchers field 911 calls there.

The remodeling puts some friendly faces in front of the public, so they can get questions answered. It puts dispatchers in a position to focus on their jobs. And it frees up some space for police officers and deputies who have faced crowding issues.

The new arrangement should be better for authorities and the public alike.

Sound like good plan

Blue Earth Area Schools and the Faribault County Sheriff’s Department seem to have worked out a good relationship as they look to hire a school resource officer who will spend nine months with students.

The school will pay for those nine months’ worth of salary. The sheriff’s office will pick up the other three, during which the deputy will fill in for others on vacation and help the department reduce overtime. It’s a nice arrangement, in other words.

School resource officers project strength at schools and provide students with help and guidance. We’re glad to see this move.