Camp hits target for Scouts

FAIRMONT – “At least it quit raining,” said Alice Johnson, a longtime Boy Scout organizer, on Friday morning. That was the general consensus as many of the Cub Scouts gathered for the annual day camp held Thursday and Friday. “We did a lot of indoor stuff yesterday.”

But on Friday morning, many were enjoying being outdoors from crafts to archery, with the theme of this year’s camp being “Knights of the Round Table.” Each troop had a mystical name such as “Green Knights” or “WIzards” as they rotated on a schedule to each activity Friday.

“We did the helmets yesterday,” said Kerry Phippen, camp director. “Today, we’re doing the horses, making shields and swords, and working with bb guns and archery. This is the only place where they’re allowed to do the bb guns or archery.”

About 65 Cub Scouts ranging from kindergarten to fifth-grade throughout the southern Minnesota region were at the Cedar Point Boy Scout camp.

“It’s the whole council area,” Phippen said. “We have some from Mapleton, and then over west from Jackson and Windom. Some will be coming back later tonight, for Fun with the Sun. It’s an overnight camp with a parent, while the daycamp portion is the day only; the kids come out for the day and then go home.”

Many of the scouts were there with a parent along with scout leaders.

“Everyone’s a volunteer,” Phippen said. “If you don’t run fast enough, you get volunteered,” she added with a laugh. “We also appreciate all the local sponsors. A lot of local businesses have donated food and other items for us.”

While the daycamp and Fun with the Sun is the biggest summer event for the Cub Scouts, the older Boy Scouts have a week-long summer camp at Cedar Point in July.