Truman offers a lot

To the Editor:

Many people don’t know it, but there are several positive changes taking place at Truman High School.

In the past few years, we have hired numerous teachers. Along with these new teachers have come new opportunities for students. A college calculus class, taught by Randy Muske, is available, which is worth five college credits. Our science program, taught by Melissa Smith, offers an elective science course, and advanced biology. We also have added new teachers in English, art, special education and junior high math, as well as multiple paraprofessionals.

Even though our school is small, we still offer various business education classes, and agricultural education classes. Band and choir, Spanish, social studies, and abundant opportunities through the PSEO program are available as well. Our school has played host to several foreign exchange students in recent years, and we are looking to place a few for the upcoming school year.

In the upcoming years, we are looking to make some cosmetic changes, such as painting and sidewalk repair. There are also many ideas that have been discussed as far as changes in future years. These ideas range from dual-purposing rooms, to hosting community lunches using the food grown at the FFA garden. There has been discussion about updating the school brochure to the focus on the positive aspects the school and community has to offer.

From a student’s point of view, our school is doing well. We have added a copious amount of classes that will be immensely helpful in the future. We have so many opportunities in a small school that wouldn’t be available in a bigger school. Smaller class sizes are available, and we almost always have the option to come in before or after school to receive extra help directly from the teachers. We are able to participate in knowledge bowl, school plays, sports, FFA and yearbook.

So many people say that Truman School is close to closing, but don’t count us out just yet. There’s more to our school than most people realize.

Courtney Zaharia