Storm pours damage on area

FAIRMONT – Monday’s torrential downpour and strong winds caused damage throughout Martin County. From flooded basements to mangled corn cribs, no area was left unscathed.

“We had quite a few catch basins plug up right away,” said Troy Nemmers, Fairmont’s public works director. “The water did cause some issues.”

Several areas of town were flooded, with the worst being in the Canyon Drive/Fairlakes Avenue area. This area had a history of flooding during heavy rains until about seven years ago, when the city bought and moved two houses from the Canyon Drive curve, but Monday’s rains again caused the area to be under water.

Nemmers said another section hit hard was the South Orient/Day Street area. He reported that several houses had 3 to 4 inches of sanitary sewer back up into basements.

The storm water also infiltrated the sanitary sewer, putting stress on the city’s wastewater plant.

“We’re out cleaning up. The wind damage [in Fairmont] wasn’t too bad,” said Nemmers, comparing the city to the rural areas.

“The wastewater employees were out most of the night. The electric guys were out most of the night. Everything is under control now,” he said.

According to the Weather?Underground website operated by the Weather Channel, Fairmont received 2.4 inches of rain, with most falling in less than an hour.

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office was still receiving damage reports Tuesday afternoon.

“We’ve had reports of extensive wind damage and some standing water in low areas,” Martin County Sheriff Jeff Markquart said in a news release. “Numerous residents were without power last night. Most have had power restored, but some areas are still waiting. The hardest hit areas were Trimont and Sherburn.”

Markquart added that Fairmont area lakes are under a no-wake zone until further notice due to the high waters and expectation of more rain throughout the week.

Staff sriters Judy Bryan and Jennifer Brookens contributed to this article.