Et Cetera …

Something seems amiss

We cannot blame Fairmont Area Schools for wanting to institute a school breakfast program at the junior/senior high school. As at the elementary school, school-provided breakfast comes with a federal incentive to offer the meals. The school gets money for serving the meal or, at the very least, breaks even on it.

It is troubling, however, that our society keeps shifting toward more and more government services never necessary in the past.?One thing we should be asking is whether the overall expense of new government services drives the need for even more of them.

Check out events today

Interlaken Heritage Days in Fairmont isn’t quite what is used to be, or tried to be. Volunteers and funding dwindled, causing a big change this year. Gone are events at Sylvania Park. Gone is the parade. But locals and people living in the region need to know that Fairmont will still be a busy place today.

There are events taking place all over town, from waffle feeds, to car shows, to pie and ice cream socials, to the new Fairmont Market Square at Heritage Acres. We encourage people to check things out.

Wallace will be missed

Bob Wallace is the face of Fairmont in many ways, kind of like a mayor. As president of Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce, Wallace has played an important role in town for the past 18 years. He has represented the business community, discussing its needs, promoting its qualities and helping ensure its future success, through the nurturing of youth, among other things.

In addition to all this, Wallace has been a friendly community ambassador and just a plain friend to many around town. He has shared wisdom and insight, both when asked for it and when he thought it was necessary to speak up. He loves the town and has loved his job. He will be missed. What he deserves now is the very best, in whatever he chooses for his future.