‘Chiletti’ offers brand new taste

FAIRMONT – You might have seen the signs around town promoting a “chiletti” fundraiser for the Caregiver Response Effort and Service Team, better known as CREST.

“It’s just spaghetti with chili on top,” said Moni Harper who serves on the CREST board of directors. “I saw this on the Food Channel and thought, ‘Why not?’ We’re always looking for something different for a fundraiser.

CREST volunteers will serve chiletti from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Saturday at Heritage Acres as part of the Market Square event.

Although the premise of spaghetti topped with chili is simple, this version in unique for the area.

“This is a dish that’s very popular in Ohio,” Harper said. “This chili recipe is different, and we are following the true Cincinnati recipe.

Everybody has their own particular recipe for chili, but this version has some unique additives.

“It has a little bit of cloves and a little bit of chocolate and a little bit of cinnamon in it,” Harper said.

The result is spicy/sweet blend.

Diners can opt to have the two-way with just chili and spaghetti, or they can request cheese, onions and/or beans to be added.

CREST is requesting a $5 donation per bowl, and Harper hopes people enjoying the Market Square will stop by to “try this newfangled spaghetti.”

CREST is an interfaith agency that helps people in need, such as home visits with shut-ins or small household chores. The biggest component is transportation, Harper said, explaining that chauffeuring people to medical facilities in Rochester or Mankato can run up fuel expenses.