Et Cetera …

Job fair well received

From what we have seen and heard, the recent job fair at Five Lakes Centre in Fairmont offered a great opportunity to job-seekers and employers alike. The free event involved more than 30 area employers, who talked with potential new hires for three hours.

The event was the idea of the Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce and the Fairmont Workforce Center. Kudos to these two entities. We hope the job fair proved fruitful to those involved and, if so, becomes a regular occurrence.

Glad to see new effort

Suicide is perhaps the greatest tragedy, because it is often preventable, if the person involved can get the help he or she needs and deserves. Those who commit suicide see it as the only relief they can find, when counseling, medication and time could be employed for good results. Those who get help and recover from their depression know that suicide was not the solution they thought it might be.

We are glad to see that the Fairmont area has a new campaign against suicide. It is called “Break the Silence.” It will culminate in a 5K walk, bike or run on July 12 in Fairmont. We hope those who care about this issue will get involved.

Invite users to weigh in

Blue Earth is not sure what to do about its Senior Center. The City Council is repeatedly rejecting naming a director at the site, despite the recommendation of the Senior Center board of directors to do so.

The City Council seems uncomfortable with the person chosen, or with the notion of continuing to pay a director at all. Thrown in the mix are doubts about the future of the meal program, given a rather large loss of funding for it.

We might suggest that the council invite those who utilize the center to weigh in. Also, some good hard numbers on usage would be helpful.

Time to rethink this one

Faribault County commissioners are upset about a messy recycling site – one they created – in Winnebago. Stuff is piling up and some of it does not meet the criteria for recycling. Also, garbage is blowing onto neighboring properties.

It is not a good situation. We would encourage the county to work with Winnebago on a remedy. We agree a fenced-in area may work better, but we are not thrilled about security cameras to catch those who leave trash. Do authorities really want to become the recycling cops?

Clearly, not enough thought went into developing the site. More should.