Now, city has to make parking rules stricter

There’s always somebody. We suppose that’s why laws multiply. It wouldn’t have to be this way but …

In Truman, there are parking regulations, just as there are in most towns. The idea is to make sure streets are safe and passable, and so that a street does not become a parking lot for unsightly, hazardous or otherwise obnoxious vehicles.

In Truman, the city has ticketed a citizen for parking his camper on the street for more than 24 hours. The law is in place because the camper is deemed a traffic hazard on a busy street.

The camper’s owner has concerns about things being stolen from it if he parks it somewhere else. We can understand that. But his solution – to move the camper a few inches to avoid being ticketed – is a clear example of skirting the law.

The result? The City Council will amend its parking ordinance to ban campers, trailers and certain other vehicles from being parked on city streets. Meaning all owners of these things will lose some convenience, all because one person could not comply with the spirit of the parking rules. Clearly, sometimes fellow citizens are worse than government regulators.