Moving forward together

To the Editor:

We were encouraged by the recent Sentinel editorial that recognized change is needed in health care. This came after Mayo Clinic Health System leadership reaffirmed its commitment to providing high-quality health care in Fairmont for many years to come.

In the days since that editorial, we have heard many supportive comments from people within our organization, as well as people in Fairmont and surrounding communities. But we know there is much work left to be done to improve communication and community trust.

Mayo Clinic Health System in Fairmont wants to be open, honest and transparent about the health care marketplace and the need to continue to drive change to best serve patients and the communities in our region. Change is difficult, but change is necessary to remain viable in today’s health care industry.

The truth is that Mayo Clinic Health System in Fairmont is a vital part of Mayo Clinic, and Mayo Clinic is a vital part of Fairmont. As board members, we know Mayo Clinic is committed to being a premier health care provider in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa, delivering excellent health care and being a preferred employer in the region. Beyond that, Mayo Clinic Health System in Fairmont is committed to collaborating with and supporting the entire local medical community.

There has been great advancement in the local health care provided by Mayo Clinic in the last several years. Some of these improvements include the enhancement of emergency medicine, critical care and stroke care, and a new infusion therapy center. The medical center also has seen improved diabetes care and preventive screenings for patients. Additionally, Mayo Clinic Health System in Fairmont met all five Mayo Clinic clinical care goals in 2014, which is a significant accomplishment.

On behalf of the board of directors and local medical center leadership, we would ask the community to partner with us to continue to build on these successes, develop better relationships with community members, and help improve the health and well-being of everyone in the greater Fairmont area.

Thank you for partnering with us and Mayo Clinic so that together we can move forward in a positive manner.

Greg Brolsma, Mark Gaalswyk,

Traci Lardy and Allen Struck

Mayo Clinic Health System-Fairmont

board of directors and

community members