Leaders lament messy recycling

BLUE EARTH – Faribault County commissioners talked recycling Tuesday.

Commissioner Tom Loveall says the recycling site in Winnebago is a problem.

“We’ve taken on recycling,” he said. “Some people will abuse it. The answer is not to let it become a big mess.”

Refuse is piled too high, some isn’t recyclable and the wind blows some onto neighboring properties, Loveall noted.

He wants the site moved, fenced in and cameras installed to have a record of people who are leaving stuff they should not.

“It’s all doable,” said Commissioner Tom Warmka of Loveall’s plan.

He and Loveall had a lengthy and lively debate about how to maintain the site, including requiring citizens to get a key from City Hall, and how to fine people for misuse of the site.

Loveall asked Sheriff Mike Gormley and Chief Deputy Scott Adams what the penalty is for leaving non-recyclables. Adams said it falls under illegal dumping.

“We can dig through the garbage and pull out a name,” Gormley said.

“And the court decides the fine,” Adams added.

The commission did not make a decision on recycling.

Moving to another issue, the board approved the sheriff’s request to buy a 2014 Ford F150 from Fairmont Ford for $32,679, with a $17,500 trade-in on a 2010 Ford F150, for a total of $15,179.

The other bid was from Blake Greenfield Chevrolet in Wells for $35,881 with a $19,000 trade for $16,881.

In county construction news, County Engineer John McDonald presented a resolution on the (Blue Earth) Main Street construction project.

The resolution requests a variance from the state operations rules, because of the width of the street. The traffic count in 2011 was 3,600. For values greater than 3,000, a 45-degree parking angle requires 14 feet between the traffic lane and parking stall and a parking stall depth of 20 feet. The variance will allow 2 feet between the traffic lane and parking stall (the standard for less than 3,000) and a parking stall depth of 18 feet in lieu of a parking stall depth of 20 feet.

The board approved the resolution.

McDonald also presented the board with bids for paint striping 130 miles of road in Faribault County. The two bids were $8,300 from Triple A Striping of St. Michael and $9,009 from Traffic Marking Services in Maple Lake. The board awarded the bid to Triple A.