County adding up fire costs

FAIRMONT – The final tally from a fire that broke out at the Martin County Highway shop building in Dunnell is still pending, according to Martin County Highway Engineer Kevin Peyman.

Peyman reported to the Martin County commissioners Tuesday that the department already has received an insurance check for a 1999 truck lost in the blaze, but the final value of the 2007 motor grader that started the blaze and of the building itself is still being determined.

“We don’t get replacement value,” he said. “We got an estimate of $4,995 for the Ford F150 we had there. The highest salvage quote we got was $856, so we decided to keep it and we got a check for the difference of $4,139. We had to spend a lot of time cleaning it, but it’s back on the road.”

The fire investigation showed the fire began in the grader’s starter. This information has helped implement a new policy.

“When we’re done, we now hit a master switch on the graders, so there is no more electricity going through it, and it should solve any electrical problems,” Peyman said.

He believes the quotes on the grader and building will be reached soon.

“The insurance company is still pricing out all the pieces we had on the grader,” Peyman said. “The building, we’re still learning if it’s a complete loss or if it can be fixed. We have two local quotes out to possibly save the current building or rebuild … We will look at all the options we have once we get the OK from the insurance.”