Et Cetera …

Parking change good

Fairmont Area Schools has decided to ban parking along the south side of Johnson Street, adjacent to the school. This makes sense.

Keeping that side of the street clear allows drivers to enter and exit the school property without the visual hazard of cars everywhere. That obstruction slows traffic along the street and creates a potential danger for accidents.

Those who park on the street will face a small adjustment, but it’s not the end of the world.

Seeking fresh solution

Martin County Economic Development Authority has the right concept in mind by trying to help Serenade’s – a Fairmont restaurant – set up access to Hall?Lake. It is possible the acquisition of lakeshore property near the restaurant will allow boaters to enjoy dockside delivery, or something of that nature.

The EDA worked with state Rep. Bob Gunther to help cut some red tape at the state level. Now Serenade’s can consider its options, although it is not certain something will work out. In any case, it’s a case of people working together to do something rather than prevent something. That’s great.

Ready for outages?

News this week that Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency and Fairmont Public Utilities will conduct testing at Fairmont Energy Station may be a little shocking locally.

The test includes local power outages in the overnight hours of June 7-8. Power will be out in most of Fairmont from 1:30-4 a.m. While those hours may be the best, they still will create some headaches, especially for businesses and individuals with computer servers and other sensitive electronic devices.

The test is going forward no matter what, so we hope locals will alert their friends and neighbors to expect the outages. Otherwise, some may experience a nasty surprise a couple mornings in a row.