‘True’ air pollution arrives

To the Editor:

Once again, our communities suffer as a group when our elected and appointed representatives overlook the big picture.

The state of Minnesota’s 2025 agenda, for those who don’t know, is our elected leaders’ dream of 25 percent Green Renewable Energy by the year 2025. Long-term goal, but short-sighted at best.

Wind farms get rubber-stamped under the guise of clean energy, added jobs and local community growth – and don’t forget improved infrastructure. I, for one, would hate to see how many wind farms it would take to grow a community because the 18 we have in Faribault County aren’t saving Blue Earth, as supporters cried to the Public Utilities Commission.

Now they want to build a transmission line from Lakefield to the Iowa border and beyond. They talk about the system as unreliable. Wrong word to use but it gets people talking, saying “We need this.” “Capacity” is the real word they should be using.

Now they want to grow wind farms. Not much benefit for local families with increasing electrical costs. Power generated here doesn’t stay here.

My family gets to benefit in a special way, I guess. We get to listen to a windmill every time it’s in operation. Not to mention the nice view from our home – not so much.

They don’t need a new transmission line, they want one. Big difference from where I’m sitting. But, I guess if time shows us anything, they will get their way and we will not be represented once again. Hey, who knows, maybe in the long run, everyone will benefit. You and your neighbors will get “true” air pollution because they will build in your back yard.

“If you build it, they will come.” They were right, wind turbines … now transmission lines.

I was in Oregon this spring and saw a billboard that put it best. It showed a wind turbine and said, “Red Light District.” Not the oldest profession, but the outcome is the same.

Jason Larsen

Joe Daviess Township

rural Blue Earth