‘Unsession’ was great; now let’s slash burdens

Minnesota lawmakers this year did something rather incredible. They actually wiped laws from the books. The total was 1,175. Call it a good start.

The laws in question were so far outdated as to be ridiculous. But there were also good changes in clarifying language so that citizens can actually understand what the legal mumbo jumbo means.

Another substantial change speeds up the time government has to review business permits. This must be done in 90 days, improving upon the 150-day limit established just a few years ago.

Gov.?Mark Dayton and members of the House and Senate deserve kudos for this work.

Now they should really get serious.

There are countless taxes, fees, regulations and other ribbons of red tape that the state government imposes on those who live and work in Minnesota. Whether it’s taking too much money from citizens to conduct experiments on society, or imposing unnecessary burdens on business simply for the sake of exercising power, state government tries to do and be too much. It should work to be leaner, letting counties, cities, schools and individuals resolve more their own problems. And most of all, keeping as top priority the individual rights of citizens – to pursue their own interests and reap the rewards they deserve.

The culling of silly laws this year has been referred to as the “unsession.” We’ll look forward to the more difficult but more important reforms of “ungovernment.”