Et Cetera …

Truman wins funding

We congratulate the city of Truman for capturing a state grant of $1.4 million, to help complete the final phase of the city’s storm water project.

Truman has suffered mightily with flooding, including a major event in September 2010 that washed out basements and caused other major damage.

The storm water project will help ensure that floods and resulting damage do not occur again. This also will mean that costly disaster relief will not have to flow to the city and its residents.

If it works, it’s good

Martin County has decided that in order to meet a state Department of Corrections rule regarding meal times for jail inmates that it will serve a bedtime snack to those incarcerated on weekends.

Adding a third meal on weekends would cost $10,400 annually, while the bedtime snack carries a price tag of just half that amount.

Jailers find that well-fed inmates are happier, more compliant inmates. If a little more food helps them get their job done, so be it.

Full-time 4-H leader

We believe Faribault County commissioners have made the right choice in seeking to hire a full-time 4-H coordinator. This is a busy job that involves carrying out an important function for numerous families in the county. These folks are taxpayers who shouldn’t be shortchanged in the 4-H program, especially when the county is talking about the difference between 30 or 40 hours per week.

As far as a youth program, 4-H is one of the best. It engages youth in a wide variety of skills and teaches valuable lessons.

Not the best situation

We have to agree with those on the Blue Earth City Council who objected to the notion of a youth organization – Youth Ball Association – being the group through which a license to sell beer is issued. While the council agreed to allow the beer sales, it rightly questioned the wholesomeness of the message.

Obviously, there is money to be made through beer sales. The team that applied may know that, but we wonder how hard it looked for other ways to raise money, or other groups to serve as license-holder.

We hope this all gets re-thought in the future.