‘The Still’ opens doors in Dunnell

DUNNELL – Those who remember the layout of the former Dunnell cafe are amazed the first time they set foot into what is now The Still.

Gone is the wall creating two separate rooms, the faded and peeling linoleum floors, and virtually every trace of the cafe that saw a revolving door of owners in the past decade.

The Still is modern, with an L-shaped bar, a narrowed stainless-steel kitchen, epoxy floors that give them a marbled effect, and a pool table and jukebox.

“It was a long winter project, and I had a lot of productive help,” said Dennis Janssen, proprietor of The Still. “We started in December and we finished in mid-April, opening on the 15th.”

Janssen, a lifelong Dunnell resident, realized that for a business that serves food to be successful in Dunnell, it needs to be open in the evenings.

“I saw the cafe try many times, but I don’t think they had the right hours,” he said. “Being open just 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., the problem is a lot of people work out of town. Our supper crowds are bigger than the noon crowds, although our lunch crowds are pretty good. And the weekends have been awesome.”

Janssen also has a used truck and crane service, and he farms.

“I think people were worried that I was too busy,” Janssen said when he went to the city to bid on the cafe building. “But the city has been extremely helpful; they’ve been willing to do just about anything.”

A grand opening for The Still is scheduled for June 7. Tonight it is hosting the Judd Hoos, a regional favorite rock band that will perform outdoors.

“We’re looking forward to doing more this summer,” Janssen said. “We have the grand opening on June 7, and for the summer we’re wanting to make Thursdays “bike night.” Then, on Aug. 23, we’re going to have “Still Days,” which will be a day-long event. We have the Bee Kays, and we’ll be booking an additional band.”

The response to “The Still” has been positive.

“I haven’t heard one bad thing from anyone whose been in here,” said Dunnell City Council member Bessie Reinhardt, who stopped by The Still for a cup of coffee on Thursday morning. “And everything I’ve ordered here, I’ve enjoyed.”

Along with a broaster for broasted chicken, there are a variety of burgers and sandwiches available.

The Still is open for business Monday through Saturday. A vote for Sunday liquor sales in Dunnell that would allow The Still to operate on Sunday is scheduled for November.