Which story is true?

To the Editor:

What a difference one day makes. On May 20, state Sen. Julie Rosen, R-Fairmont, writes in a letter to the editor to the Sentinel about how she, along with state Rep. Bob Gunther, R-Fairmont, was able to secure a long list and high dollar amount of bonding money for projects in their district. (See the letter, with its impressive spending amounts, on the opinion page of the Sentinel on May 20).

The next day, May 21, Gunther submitted his observations of the last legislative session to the Sentinel. According to Rep. Gunther, crazy spending was totally out of control.

With such contrasting views, can Sen. Rosen and Rep. Gunther both be representing the same district?

With a bonding bill passing through the $1 billion mark, I’d have to say Bob is closer to the truth. $1 billion is a ton of money. You could almost build 3 sports stadiums with that kind of money, right, Bob? (Vikings stadium, Twins stadium, Gopher stadium = $1.1 billion).

Which story are we to believe?

Brad Swanson